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What is Get My Parking (GMP)?

Get My Parking (GMP) is an award-winning provider of an interoperable smart parking system that digitizes and integrates with any parking equipment, bringing together all parking and mobility stakeholders on a single, user-friendly platform. We provide an array of white-labeled smart parking solutions, including a custom-branded consumer app for parkers.

Here is a link to a few videos that delve deeper into our products.
GMP Access, GMP App, GMP Permit, GMP QR, GMP Partner Portal (Retail), GMP Partner Portal (Corporate)

Is GMP a Parking Aggregator?

No, GMP is not a parking aggregator. We provide white-labeled digital solutions for parking operators, helping them launch their own digital consumer touchpoints with optional integrations with existing parking aggregators.

Is GMP a B2C Company?

No, GMP is not a B2C company. We do not have an app or website under the name of Get My Parking for the end consumer. Our apps are white-labeled for our customers. So, in essence, we are a B2B2C company, we help our customers go B2C.

Is GMP a PARCS hardware provider?

No, GMP does not sell PARCS hardware and equipment. Get My Parking is a software company. Our software solutions are unique in a way that they can integrate and retrofit any existing access control system or equipment. We are already integrated with 40+ equipment providers across the globe and adding more integrations regularly.

What are the benefits of the GMP Platform?

Some of the key benefits that our customers get from using our interoperable platform are:
(1) Custom-branded, consumer-facing solutions that create customer loyalty
(2) Plug-N-Play, ready-to-deploy ad cost-effective solutions
(3) Pay as you Go options for your parkers
(4) Quick, on-demand API integrations of your choice.
(5) Open additional revenue channels by upselling your parking services
(6) Retrofit your existing systems without expensive upgrades

What kind of customers do you work with?

GMP provides solutions to different kinds of customers including parking operators and property managers, parking aggregator apps, municipalities, government entities managing parking, corporate campuses, airports, universities, colleges, hospital complexes, commercial buildings and facility management companies.

I want to launch a digital parking app for my users. Can GMP help with this?

Yes, we can! Get My Parking can provide a plug-n-play, software suite for parking lots, including a white-labeled app and web app for consumers, available across platforms.

I don't want to change my hardware. Can GMP solutions integrate with my existing hardware?

Yes, of course. We understand the complexities of using multiple PARCS hardware solutions across your portfolio, which is why our solutions are hardware-agnostic. Our retrofit technology seamlessly integrates with your existing equipment and makes it interoperable to use any digital apps and touch-less solutions.

Does GMP provide solutions in my country?

Yes, we do! Get My Parking is a multinational company with offices in Austin, Stuttgart, and Bangalore. Our clients are scattered across 20 countries. Contact us and we will be delighted to help you with our solutions!

How do I contact Get My Parking?

Contact us at sales@getmyparking.com or book a meeting with us via Calendly