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Providing proper parking experience to employees and visitors is an essential part of workplace management. Our customized offering solves unique problems faced at any corporate parking

Common Problems
at Corporate Parking

How GMP Platform Helps
Corporate Management

Employees driving to the office not sure if they will get a parking

Give real-time parking status directly to employee’s phone using the Consumer module

Know more about the
Consumer Module

Inadequate parking space for employees

Optimize available space at ground level using the Operator module

Know more about the
Operator Module

Multiple tenants wanting different parking capacity

Create and edit sub-accounts for each corporate tenant using the Admin Dashboard

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Admin Dashboard

Legacy gate equipment and access system that is not compatible

Integrate and control your cross-vendor equipment with Enable Module

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Enable Module

People parking where they should not

Enforce business rules as per subaccounts and catch violations using the Reports module

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Reports module

Benefits of
GMP Platform

A scalable loT platform to upgrade and future-proof your parking services

Pay as you go model

Plug-N-Play ready to deploy platform

White label Solution

Speedy Customisations

Open additional revenue channels

Retrofits with existing system

Success stories of
parking operators using
GMP Platform

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