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What does GMP do?

We provide an Interoperable Smart Parking Platform that connects all parking and mobility stakeholders on a common platform who were until now operating in silos.

In how many countries is GMP present?

We currently have work orders for 17 countries and growing every quarter.

When was GMP started?

GMP was officially registered in July 2015.

What is GMP's vision?

To make every parking a subconscious experience.

How does GMP platform work?

GMP Platform controls and integrate all your car parks, equipments, and transactions accross all consumer touch points

What are the benefits of GMP Platform?

Some of the key benefits that our customrs can avail from using our interoperable platform: (1) Pay as you go model, (2) Plug-N-Play ready to deploy platform, (3) White label Solution, (4) Speedy Customisations, (5) Open additional revenue channels & (6) Retrofits with existing system

What are the GMP's products?

Our complete platform can be used as a single giant product consisting of all our modules. Consumer Module, Operator Module, Enable Module, Fleet Parking, Dashboards & 3rd Party Integrations are all our independent products which can be accessed individually or combined in flexible packages.

Which sectors does GMP cater to?

Our smart parking solutions are designed for every stakeholder in the parking ecosystem i.e. for Operators, Governments, Corporates, Mobility companies, and Automobile OEMs

What is GMP's corporate/institutional parking solution?

Our solution for corporates provides proper parking experience to employees and visitors - which is an essential part of workplace management. Our customised offering solves unique problems faced at any corporate parking.

How does GMP provide solution to Government authorities?

Our solution for governments helps them to bring all the parking lots under their authority onto the same technology platform at a fraction of the cost. Improve vigilance and citizen services and reduce congestion and carbon emissions.

What is GMP's solution for Parking Operators?

Our solution for Operators helps them to digitize their parking operations with our plug-and-play platform. It improves their revenue and customer satisfaction with possibilities of new bundled offerings.

Does GMP work in Auto OEM Sector?

People don’t just want nicer cars anymore - they want an overall hassle free mobility experience. We help vehicle manufacturers to provide parking as a service to their customers, directly integrated into their car.

Does GMP have a parking app?

We have a platform which easily creates consumer parking apps. We have several whitelabelled consumer parking apps live in different parts of the world.

What is GMP Enable? What does Enable do?

GMP Enable is an IoT module that upgrades the old to the new. It connects any existing parking access system to any third party mobile app and sensors. Packaged as a small black box, it retrofits existing parking equipment in a plug and play manner.

Does GMP provide Parking Hardware solution?

No, we don't deal in hardware equipments. GMP is a software company. But we do have an ecosystem of hardware vendors with whom our software is integrated. We are happy to recommend the suitable hardware vendor to our customers depending on the business requirements.

Does GMP support cashless payment?

Yes, our payment feature can handle any type of digital payment method across the world by using or integrating with local payment gateways.

Can I use my existing (parking) hardware to use GMP Platform?

Yes, GMP platform can integrate with almost 90% of the current hardware equipment in the market. For more details contact us.

How to apply to GMP's job openings?

Visit our career page for a list of all current available openings. You can click on the listed opening to view the detailed description and application process.

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What is GMP helpline number?

Helpine Number: +1 (718) 213-4398