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The fastest and easiest way to park, powered by AI

Launch custom-branded consumer touchpoints at a fraction of the cost and time it would take to build them from scratch. Users can find parking, create and manage sessions, and pay online for the perfect hands-on parking experience.

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Trusted by parking operators across the globe

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Nick Wenderoth
CEO, Legacy Parking

User-Friendly Customized Parking App

“Get My Parking helped us set up a custom app that allows people to easily find, use and pay for our parking services.”

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Philippe Op de Beeck
CEO, APCOA Parking

Europe’s Largest Parking Operator

“GMP works with existing barrier technologies in older car parks, eliminating the need to purchase new hardware and allowing us to launch many new services and partnerships.”

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Rafael Abanilla
Senior VP, Parking Concepts Inc.

Easy to Deploy and Reliable!

“We strive to enhance our customer experience with innovative solutions. Get My Parking helps us deliver an ecosystem of revolutionary mobility products to our clients.”

How does ExpressLane work

Drive in

The camera reads the plate and starts a session.

Drive out

The session closes. Payment is automatic!

Payment Options

Card on file

One-time app registration for automated payments


Scan QR code for an app-less one-time payment

Tap to Pay

Tap a credit card on exit to record payment

No tickets, no apps, no waiting!
Just drive in to park.

Works for every kind of parker

Superfast Parking
with AI-LPR Matching.

With Express Lane, your parkers can breeze through your gates without pulling out a ticket or using their phones. AI-enhanced LPR cameras read plates to open the gates automatically. Once inside, parkers can scan a QR code to add a phone number and a payment method, and to confirm their license plates. Registered users can skip this step altogether. When driving out, the cameras match their plates with the ones read at entry, closing their sessions. Payments are automatically deducted from the added method - it’s the fastest and easiest way to park!

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⦿ GMP Support: We offer 24/7 customer support for business-related queries and troubleshooting issues.

⦿ Dedicated Relationship Manager: Our team is dedicated to getting you the best of our services.

⦿ Integration with GMP Modules: Our white-labeled solutions integrate seamlessly with third-party hardware, APIs, and other GMP products.

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